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Art Share: Elsa's Different Shades

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I know my other Victorious Vixens has been getting some #DiD love; Jessica Drew obviously, Terra just recently, and Rikku, albeit not in the DiD art department, she has been getting some DiD_Fic love. Elsa, on the other hand, has some silence since her last season earlier this year--and no, not silenced because she's gagged, but in terms of DiD art or me #commissioning her, it's been few and far between.

Well, my good fellow Deviant, FourPieces, directed me to this DiD art of Elsa, which, coincidentally, while alluringly bound up, she isn't gagged. Though, that doesn't matter all too much with how lovely she looks here. The artist DiD a fantastic job here! Link of the artist's twitter below.

The Twitter: baimetei1980

Until Next Time!

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