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Art Share: Fang Training Lightning

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I try not to post anything too 'lewd'. Obviously with the #DiD art, it's pretty much lewd but I try to keep the damsels clothed in here (obviously, I have crossed that line before). Though there are times when I'll make an exception like this wonderful #commission not of my own, but by TheLingeringShadow from #DevianArt. This wonderful picture of Lightning heavily bound, gagged, and... teased by Fang is based of a story by another Deviant(link will be below).

Clearly the artist is none other than the talented MileShendon; someone whom I have grown accustomed to commissioning this year. I'm sure we'll see more art work from Miles in this blog both of my own funds and others'. Well, that's about it!

#DiD_Fic: Escape Training -FangxLightning by KoU32

Until Next Time!

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