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Art Share: FATE The Goddess & The Mage

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

There are many things I don't know about FATE but there is one thing I am more than aware of: Rin Tohsaka is one of the most beautiful characters that the anime franchise has ever produced. So what can make Rin Tohsaka even hotter?

Well, okay, yes! A #DiD Rin Tohsaka will definitely do it. Shout out to Gbeeee for this amazing art! Of course, I can't give the FULL credit to the artist without giving my utter respect for DestroXXIV for commissioning this wonderful piece! But let's move on to the original question shall we? What makes Rin Tohsaka even hotter aside adding some ropes on her?

Make her a freaking Goddess, that's how! What the freaking hell does that happen? OtakuDaiKun explains it best (guy does a fantastic job shedding some light to FATE and other anime related waifus. Definitely worth checking out his YouTube site).

Ishtar is part of the Archer class. That crazy and complex looking thing is the "Bow of Heaven"; something that she uses both as a bow and as a vehicle of some sort. Seriously, a goddess possessing Rin's body, dressed scantily and fights like a Final Fantasy summon. Yes, FATE is that complicating as it is just full of fan service.

Well, that's just about all for this post. I'm sure I can keep going on and on with more artwork of these two, but I think what I provided is enough for now.

Until Next Time!

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