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Art Share: Iris Yuma

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

don't know who this girl is nor do I care. She looks absolutely fetching and her name is Iris Yuma. From a game called "Soul Worker"(?), she is definitely a fanservice in all sense that it can be. (un)Forunately for her, she has also attracted some talented #DiD artists!

 Gbeeee is one of my favorite artists in the DiD genre. He has a way to make anime characters pop. The way he makes skin, emotions, and the clothing just adds into the frustrated and helpless look a DiD art is trying to explore. Whether he is using rope, tape, or chains, he does his job really well! That is why I don't mind commissioning him time and time again! He makes me interested in characters I have no idea about! Hoping to see more lovely art from him soon! 

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