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Art Share: Rikku FFX-2

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We don't see a ton of Rikku fan art out there so when I stumble on one, I make it an effort to put it out there. This wonderful piece of work is done by an artist I have promoted in my blog before and it is none other than NeoArtCore. PLENTY of beautiful things from this. There are a couple of glaring (from a purist, die-hard Rikku fan, of course) fumbles: her spiral green eyes are missing and she's not wearing her cut off gloves. Yeah. But all in all, it's a majestic fan art and worth sharing! I plan on putting more Rikku fan art out there through my #commissioned obsession. But until then, this one is a sight for sore eyes.

And here's a NSFW version of it. One can go to NeoArtCorE to find more info!

Until Next Time!

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