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(Not My) commission: Scream and She-Venom in Captivity

StudioKatsumi is definitely a familiar artist in my blog. I have posted a few of my #commissions that I have through him. And I force that he and I will have some collaborations in the future, that much is certain. For now, I'm showing off a commission from another Deviant named shadowdath. He has some lovely ideas with these Symbiote-clad female antiheroines(or villainess). Sonic vibrating ropes and really warm cleave gag to keep them bound, I speculate!

It's safe to say that the "She-Venom" from above is Ann Weying. She's the first and the most prominent one in my comic book world in terms of 'original'. But there are plenty of She-Venoms so sometimes that's a bit harder to point out--but the red and yellow symbiote She-Venom is undoubtedly Donna Diego, aka Scream. Ann Weying at least had an official #DiD moment in the comics and a commission from me but Donna, from my knowledge, hasn't received it yet. Glad there's one of her now and it's great!

At any rate, great commissions and great addition to the DiD community! That's about it for this post!

Until Next Time!

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