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Art Share: Spider-Woman Arts

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I want to share some Marvelous art of Jessica Drew in her original Spider-Woman outfit drawn by Tyler Kirkham. There are seriously no words I can say about how amazing these fan arts are! Tyler Kirkham is talented individual and it's not just these Spider-Woman artwork that I adore that he's done! He has several others he has done that is just amazing! So Comic Book sexy and just popping with colors. Oh, and the art above has Spider-Woman and Iron Spider! Aside from KainexJess, IronSpiderxSpiderWoman is another shipping I have going on.

I am not entirely sure if Tyler was the one who colored this one. As you can see, his signature is cut off for some reason. Whether it's just the way it was edited or the person that colored his art for some reason wanted to cut it off... but Tyler puts a lot of uncolored artwork on his DeviantArt page and a lot of other Deviants color it for him and the artists credit him no problem so I am confused as to why the Spider-Woman picture above doesn't have that same courtesy. Now beyond that, one should really check out his page/s. Again, his art is just breath taking! If he only was the main artist for a Spider-Woman comic book...... yeah!

Again, he has done some other art that are just amazing. Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider may not be my main Spider-Gal, seeing her under Tyler's care is something else! I will be hunting down some of his art and see what else he has done in terms of Spider-Woman. Heck, might just do a post just based on his other artwork that I adore. Gives me an idea about doing a post based on my favorite artists. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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