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Art Share: The Captured Maiden

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Iorel-San is a 3D-Render Artist that I watch in DeviantArt. I've posted another one of his renders of Terra (inspired by a Commission of mine) and here he is putting my favorite Final Fantasy gal in a distressing situation that is not within the boundaries of my "Terra DiDressphere" theme. So let's check out the progress of the fantastic work!

I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to rendering or anything like that. All I know is that this kind of art depends on models taken from games. Not sure how that works, I'm assuming it just has everything to do with mining the game for said models. After that I believe the artist, for this case, Iorel, goes through the grueling but rewarding process of posing. Must take a LOT of patience having to work with what the model gives. Posing limbs and making it look natural, working with expression, clothing, and then, of course, when it comes to the DiD genre, there are things to be added like bindings, gags, and position. As one can see, Iorel changed the position of Terra. I personally like the kneeling down position. It really does look uncomfortable and distressing. That and those chains... I swear.

I'm also assuming that in-game perks, for this case, Dissidia NT's detail of making their characters look battle damaged depending on how much punishment they take, plays a part in adding some depth to the piece the artist wants to produce. Since we are talking about a Half Epser, battle mage, Final Fantasy heroine, showing that she put up some kind of struggle does make sense.

I might have poked him a bit at the idea of completing Terra's costume by finishing it with the shoulder pads. It doesn't look right without it in my eyes and I'm glad he DiD. The final piece is nothing short of amazing. The dungeon look feels like in-game... feels like Celes is right next to her somewhere off screen and the ominous shadow of Kefka does add some flare to it. Regardless of our banter of Green Terra or Blonde Terra, I utterly believe that he made an amazing piece here. One that a #Terra_Branford fan such as myself can only appreciate. Check out Iorel_San's page! Believe me, you guys will not be disappointed with what he has!

Until Next Time!

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