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Art Share: Tifa Lockhart

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

With the coming of #E3 2019, it's about time we share some wonderful fan art of the lovely Tifa Lockhart from the upcoming FFVII Remake. To start off this wonderful showcasing of Fanarts is Logancure; someone who did an AMAZING job with FFVII's sexy brawler. Need I say anything else?

RoninDude is a personal favorite of mine. He's also one of those artists that do such fantastic job that I'm hoping I stop #commissioning other artists to be able to work with him. If there is any doubt with this skill, just look at how lovely this Tifa fan art is!

I love the casual and confident pose Sciamano420 drew Tifa in. She doesn't always have to look battle ready to look sexy, does she?

Then there's Artgrem. An artist who is also known for drawing some sexy and wonderful gals from all corners of the omniverse!

Another popular artist from #DeviantArt is Sakimichan. Definitely a talented artist that is always welcome to give fan art of deserving characters.

A peaceful Tifa riding a chocobo? I'm all for it! Arcanedist is responsible for this fantastic piece of art!

Of course, what is my #artshare without some kind of #DiD moment? Here's one from Steveoreno. I know, she's not gagged but, hey, it's still a sensual piece of artwork, ain't it?

Seven pieces of awesome artwork for Final Fantasy VII's badass female brawler. Can't wait to see her reveal--hoping it will be coming this week in #E3! Well, that's about it! Hope you all enjoyed these wonderful artwork from all these talented Deviants!

Until Next Time!

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