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Art Share: Tifa Lockhart (Remake) Fanart

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The reveal of Tifa in the FFVII Remake was probably one of the biggest highlights. Square Enix was smart to feature her in their #E3 2019 show since fans have been clamoring to get a glimpse of one of the well beloved Final Fantasy character. Of course, the internet let their opinions know about how much they do(or don't) like Tifa's new design. Some of the finest artists have shared their talent as well. Here are just some I stumbled on! Enjoy!

Here's another from Twitter. A happy looking Tifa during that "I'm trapped" scene from Square's E3 2019 Trailer.

This is fanart of Tifa Lockhart was from google images that I don't want to link because it seems to go haywire when linked. I like this because it's obviously a homage to Tifa's pose in the original game when she was in Niflheim.

Dagga19 is a #DeviantArt member that I watch. She has a few Final Fantasy fanarts and some lovely ones of my favorite FF gals. Check out her gallery for more awesome stuff!

This artist, Ku-ini is an artist that I haven't seen until quite recently. While she's absolutely gorgeous, the yellow background definitely adds to the look. Gives her a contrast and definitely makes her look prominent.

NeoArtCore is a familiar artist in my blog. Definitely love his art for a lot of reasons. Also, a very sensual side-by-side look of Aerith and Tifa!

Here's a different contrast of background. Love the red! MonoriRogue is another artist I just stumbled on thanks to me gallivanting about in FFVII R!

And... you want a comparison of Tifa's older costume with her Remake? Here ya go! Courtesy of ODarkghosto!

Speaking of comparison! I swear, these Twitter fan arts just KEEP COMING!

Karosu-Maker has a flare that I often like. He does a lot of FF gals too and he pretty much mostly hits the mark. Of course, he does one of Tifa!

Another one from Twitter. This is why the new costume is amazing! Least we can have her do poses like this without it being to lewd or inappropriate! Look, biker shorts!

And, how can I NOT add a #DiD picture of Tifa in her Remake outfit? Courtesy of LOZ, of course! Check out his Patreon!

And in closing, here's Tifa Lockhart's official render for the FFVII R. I absolutely think that she looks like her original self and any liberty that Square has added for the 2020 release is absolutely justified. I am enamored and appreciative of what they did. I don't see why the internet is so damn divided, but I guess they miss their polygon boobs, eh? Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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