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Art Share: Tifa's Final Haven

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Iorel-Renders is clearly the one responsible this fantastic series. I may not be narrating as much because we can just let the pictures do the deed! So, here we go!

Capture scene/moment is something that a DiD scenario can add or take away, but there is always something about an over the shoulder with a panty shot! Really well done by Iorel to say the least.

This is a rare thing in #DiD art: first person point of view from a damsel's point of view! It really does set up the mood and it gives the viewer a small fraction of what Tifa is going through.

I do love the work Iorel has placed on this. The lighting definitely adds a lot of the ambiance. The position and the obvious fan-service with said posture, and then Tifa's emotion. Really just full of amazing things here.

The show of struggle is also nice! Again, the emotion of Tifa doing everything she can and giving it her all to get some kind of freedom.

And then we go to the obvious part where Tifa realizes that her arms won't be getting out so she goes for the legs. I like the shift of emotions; there's clearly a realization of dread--of not being able to get out. That is definitely some wonderful story telling just within a few pictures.

And the captor reveals himself and Tifa's vigor of defiance is shown. That and she's really trying to be modest with herself! I really love how that's taken note and Tifa's trying her best to pull her skirt down and it's definitely not going to do any good considering that she's not exactly in any position to do a whole lot to better her situation. Again, love the angle here. Plenty to take in and enjoy!

At least the captor DiD the right thing and take out the one thing that was bothering Tifa: her lovely mini skirt! There ya go, Tifa. You shouldn't be too mad. Least now you don't have to worry about that!

And just to make sure Tifa 's comfy for the night, she's given a blindfold for better sleeping, put in a chair and secured so she can't hurt herself rolling around, and then of course, kept the gag on so she doesn't make TOO much noise.

Iorel was also amazing by adding this video: Tifa's Final Haven

I do love this set. Again, Iorel is no stranger in my blog and it would be only natural that he would join the Tifa surge of popularity. This set is just amazing for a lot of reasons and the work he placed on this is more than obvious. Check out his page for more of awesome stuff like this! Well, that's about it for today!

Until Next Time~

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