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Art Share: xxNikichenxx's Lustful Art

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Time to feature another artist whom I just discovered recently! Said artist's name is xxNikichenxx. This artist is amazing, even if some of his art does fall a bit too much in the cheesecake side of things, which for me, I have no problem with it. He is also available for #commissions; something I think I will look into in the future. With that, let's just take a gander of some of his awesome artwork!

So... not much to say about this beauty other than she'll make it feel good before truly sucking the life out of her victim.

I don't post a lot of FFXIV artwork, but when I do, it's either about Y'shtola and/or it's some #DiD moment! This poor gal is going to get a lot of negative status from that Marlboro! The Commissioner for this is KrystalKaandi.

Another sexy commission that will be on its way. Again, another FFXIV character that is not having a great time. The wonderful commissioner is RevyBear.

Juri Han might be a seasoned Street Fighter but she isn't exonerated by the lust of tentacles/vines. Got a feeling she might enjoy some parts of this!

The more I see luscious fanart of "Ghost-Spider" (Spider-Gwen), the more I adore her. She ain't no Jessica Drew, but she is definitely worthy of attention, that much is obvious!

That's just a small fraction of the awesome artwork this Deviant has drawn! Check out his gallery for more awesome stuff! It's not for everyone, and clearly some of his stuff has some major fetish things going on, but hey, I commission some pretty cheesecake stuff so that shouldn't be a surprise for any of you!

Until Next Time!

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