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Art Share: YRP in Distress

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

This year keeps giving love to Rikku. Though this time, Rikku isn't alone in her distress. The rest of the Gullwings joined her in the ropes! Snidelyone is responsible for this fantastic art. I swear, I always love me some homage to the FFX-2 bondage action. Especially when it involves Rikku in distress!

Now Snidelyone isn't a high note artist; and I don't mean that as an insult by any means. I totally enjoy this artist's work. He has that kind of an innocent, young, but definitely evolving. Trust me, I don't #art_share things on my blog that I don't thoroughly enjoy.

This was also a commission paid for by the Deviant named Birgu. I appreciate and respect this Deviant!

Oh, must also love alternates. Truly, I do. Not to mention, we do have a great context. The rivalry between the Gullwings and Leblanc as PLENTY of flesh that can be knitted into a fine #DiD story!

And, of course, the Cleave-gag is my favorite. And this scene with Leblanc could actually work within the context of the game. Wish they had this as an alternate game over scene. I mean, FFX-2 was already a fan service, right?

At any rate, that's about it! Please check out the Deviants' pages! Hoping to get another post some time! Hey, I might even talk about action figures!

Until Next time!

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