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NYCC 2019: Bishoujo Reveals

Before I go on with this reveals, these photos are from the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Collection Facebook page.

Lady Jane is part of the GI Joe Bishoujo, a line that I will most likely not even be getting. Not that these don't look attracting or anything like that, but I haven't really been a fan of the GI Joe franchise. Saying that, it doesn't take away with how amazing this #Bishoujo looks!

Lady Beetlejuice is part of the ongoing Horror line of Bishoujo. I'm not sure if I'll be getting her... a bit jarring to think of a genderbend Michael Keaton, but there's a lot of details with this one. I'll have to see the finished prototype and where I am with funds/space.

Lady Pennywise... Pennywise creep me out and the recent movies has done a marvelous job with him. As far as a genderbend version? Well, this looks... a bit promising, to say the least. I swear, might give in to her far more than I would with Beetlejuice if she looks amazing.

Rainbowdash! Yes, the MLP series continues and this prototype of the cocky, athletic, and somewhat obnoxious Equestrian Gal does look pretty good. Honestly, the MLP line is something to treasure and Twilight is just around the corner for me!

Oh man, here we have another shot of Dark Phoenix! There's really not much else to say about this gal. She is a must for me! Look at the flame effect! So good!

And here we have a prototype colored version of Rarity! She looks darn good too! After Twilight, it will be this generous, beautiful, and some times a bit prima donna Equestrian Gal coming. I love how they did the hair! So much homage to her mane and tail! And that pose! I can't gush too much until I actually have her! She hasn't even collected funds yet so we're a bit ways until Rarity arrives. But hey! Still a promising looking statue!

Well, that's about it with this #Bishoujo news. Despite everything, I think I'll stay collecting Bishoujos. They're simple, beautiful, and in the grand scheme of things, don't take too much space. Keep it up, Kotobukiya!

Until Next Time!

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