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RIP Diana Riggs

07.20.1938 - 09.10.2020

2020 ain't done. Man, what a classic actress to lose. I may not let it be known here, but for a bit, I was watching Game of Thrones. I fell off before the final seasons, but I will say that the Tyrells had some of the best characters. More notably, Margery Tyrell and of course, Olenna Tyrell who was played by the late Diana Rigg. I really enjoyed her portrayal of that character. Full of sass and wisdom.

And of course, she played Emma Peel in "The Avengers". I didn't watch that show, but much like the late Yvonne Craig (RIP), she played a character that was both capable and at times, played for the #DiD community. That will always be cherished for both the idea and her acting.

I may not have been an avid fan of yours, but I will say, you have made a mark and for that, I honor you. May you rest in peace.

See You Next Time....

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