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RIP Samuel E Wright

11.24.1946 - 05.24.2021

Before there was Frozen, Rapunzel, or Brave, there was the 2D era of Disney...there was the Golden Age, and with that, there was the Little Mermaid. That was my first introduction to Disney and it was definitely a grand welcome to what would be one of the most influential thing in my life. And part of the special thing that really made me part of the world is Sebastian, the crab who was always there for Ariel.

What would the Little Mermaid be without Samuel lending his voice to this iconic character. Where would all the banter be? The gorgeous music? As a matter of fact, where would Disney be if it wasn't for Samuel's part to make the Little Mermaid as successful as it was? Also, he was the first iteration of Mufasa in the Broadway version of Lion King, so that's also iconic.

"Now's your moment, floating to the blue lagoon..."

Thank you, Mr. Wright. May you Rest in peace.

See You Next Time...

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