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SEGA: Asuka Soryu Langley (Summer Dress)

#SEGA's adding to my 2022 collecting! This time around, we got one of my favorite tsundere in action! It's Asuka Soryu Langley. Let's get into the review, shall we?

I say Langley and not Shikinami, but it could be either based on how it's titled on the side. But from my knowledge, the dress is more synonymous with OG Asuka than Rebuild Asuka, so I'm going with OG Asuka. I also don't remember if Shikinami wears this dress--I'm sure she does but I don't remember 100%, Anyways, the box is standard SEGA. I'm happy with the transparent window. Very summer-y colors too. Fitting.

Here we go! Let's take a look at Asuka in all her glory. One thing I will point out right off the get-go is that there are some modifications/additions with this figurine compared to what we saw in the anime (using my memory of the original, mind you). The shoes were red and the hat was non-existent, but still, it does still play with the original look far more than it doesn't. Though what doesn't play as much with the source is the posture Asuka is in. It's sexy, it's flirty, and it's got some service going on but... it's not very tsundere. If I was, to be honest, it looks a bit friendly. Asuka may have the looks but she definitely is far from approachable and she makes it known. Here, she's giving every bit of signal to come say: "hi" to her. Is the sculpt bad? No. It's done well, and we'll look into that in future sections, but it's very uncharacteristic. But no major complaint. Seen enough fan art that puts Asuka in a very non-Asuka light and I accept those. Not gonna drop this statue a point because of liberties.

The dress is the first thing we are going to look at. The skirt part to be exact (no, not trying to be pervy, but I suppose it goes with my content and my usual shticks, eh?). There is some good detailing with the swooshing of the skirt and the like. The wrinkles, the cloth folding and lifting, it really is quite dynamic and done well. The hair.... well, it's not a bad sculpt, there's definitely some work into it but with how much wind is passing through the skirt, why is the hair so dead? Shouldn't it be as fluid and lively as the dress? I know, I know... it would have been more work, more room on the package, and all that, but still. It doesn't take anything for me overall but it's easy to point out. A bit humorous, all things considered.

Stand like you mean it, don't you?

The body mold is pretty darn good. The legs, the curves, and overall, it's all well done. Looks natural for a lithe and athletic young woman--a young woman whose body never grows past a certain age. And this body isn't for that age and SEGA makes it known. Again, the dress is well done and so is the hat.

Some good choices for sure and said choices done well to really give an organic look. While there isn't a lot of shading and shadowing, this is one of those times that really doesn't need it when the lighting does the job. The sculpting really does compliment, adding the shadows that one needs. The hair is the only thing that really looks the weakest and at times, with certain angles, the face doesn't look quite right but I'll address that as soon as we get to that part. One thing I want to add is the contrasting red hair clips look really good. While this outfit is summer themed and the like, the red reminds us that it's Asuka's favorite color. The dark blue shoes, while not accurate, also look good. All in all, just from this angle, Asuka is looking really crisp.

Maybe it's not so much the paint job but the shape and the spacing of the eyes? Or perhaps the emotion that is so uncharacteristically Asuka. Regardless, it isn't terrible by any means but definitely what I would consider the best Asuka Soryu Langley face.

Again, let us marvel at the sculpt work, shall we?

Here is SEGA Summer Dress Asuka next to another Asuka from a toy line that I can't seem to recall. I got this Asuka as a gift some time back and I don't recall what company it is from. Still, it is quite nice seeing them together. Again, both have VERY happy faces and are not unlike the usual Asuka we know.

Oh, the watch is also a nice touch

It's not a bad Asuka figure. SEGA can produce some nice action figures/statues and this one is definitely worth the price. "Lower" end of the statue price range but the quality still matches what they are asking for. Searching for a pure accurate-based figure, this may not be it. Similarities are present and one cannot mistake this as anyone else but the 2nd Child. But there are some things that would bother me if I was trying to recommend this. All in all, I can say that it is a worthy purchase but one can skip this and go for another Asuka Soryu Langley figurine--trust me, there are better options but the price may be higher or far more gouging.

Until Next Time!

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