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Sega Premium Figure: Ishtar (FGO)

For the next Toy Review, we are going to go for a Sega Premium Figure--not to be confused with Sega Prize, of course. I didn't know there was a difference but you know, learn something new. Speaking of something new, I don't have an Ishtar merchandise and I'm finally here to say that I have one to review! Let's get into it!

Okay, so the box is a bit beat up but that doesn't matter. Definitely not going to keep her inside MIB. Who would?

The box isn't anything special. It does the job as a box should. Damaged or mint (mine is the first), as long as the figure inside is safe and it conveys what the product inside (could) look like, I'm happy with it. Still not used to seeing SEGA in these merchandise. I remember the heyday when they used to make their own consoles and produce their own games for said console. Yeah, I know, I came from a bygone era. Go figure. Anyways, that's the box. Protection, some fancy titles, pictures of the figure, and boom. Let's just get right into the figure.

Rin Tohsaka is a stand out character from her series. She is a very popular Tsundere that I can safely say has gained the following Asuka from Evangelion has. And how couldn't she? She's got the attitude, the skills, the arc (especially in Unlimited Blade Works), and she's got the appeal. But when the pages of Shirou/Archer and Rin closed, seems like we'll just continue to adore Rin from that angle. BUT we should know better. Fate Grand Order found a "loophole" by putting Rin's visuals to the Mesopotamian Goddess of War and Love. With the stars aligned, we got ourselves a servant with Rin's feistiness and looks but the power of a Goddess. Great idea. Also, Ishtar doesn't believe in modesty so it's perfect harmony. This statue from Sega made sure that all of Rin/Ishtar's sex appeal is in full glory. A simple but adequate pose that captures the character's personality and allows for a grand show. Not dynamic, sure but it fits!

And the sculpt is top-notch for the price point. They definitely spent time on Ishtar's figure and ensuring that it captures how she looked in the anime with that lithe body, the thick long signature Rin hair, and of course, the little dress she wears are all sculpted so that there is a feel of layers--they didn't skip out on making sure that her outfit is as accurate as possible.

You can just tell that she's giving someone sass.

The colors are absolutely crisp, simple and accurate. Now, there aren't a TON of complicating paint job going on. Not any shading or anything like that. As I stated: it's pretty simple but sometimes that's all you really need with this. Sure some shading could have been done here and there but this isn't a #Bishoujo or high-end #Kotobukiya stuff. The price point says it all with this Sega statue and I'm pretty happy.

She's doesn't come with any accessories or any add-ons or re-swaps but that's okay. I do like the pose and it's fitting of a tsundere-goddess.

No, this isn't a close up of her feet but Rin....Ishtar definitely seems to be into that with the images and moments I have seen float around online.

You do get a stand though that is as simple as the rest of the statue itself. It does the job so I can't complain much. The logo of the series is there in dark blue with the familiar font and writing that I do not understand.

Her face is pretty. A common thing I say with these statues is that they won't allure like a Bishoujo but they do the job. The expression doesn't halve the same flare a tsundere-goddess might have but it's not a deal breaker. The eyes are quite nice, one of the improvements from Ishtar to Rin as a character even if I don't mind her bright blue eyes. Those seems to disappear but it's the camera shot.

Probably having one of those "well, obviously...." moments. Probably her giving sass to someone.

And here's Ishtar next to Furyu: Rin Tohsaka. Two different brands thus the scale difference but both accomplish the act of making a fantastic looking Rin/Ishtar statue.

Lacking a dynamic pose and an almost dull expression from someone as animated as Ishtar, paired up with a mediocre and lacking flare of a paint job, I'd say there are a few shortcomings from this statue. Though with the price point, I'd definitely say that there are more than enough wins. I can recommend her for sure for anyone who likes Rin/Ishtar and wants an affordable statue of her. Though keep in mind that she's not as extravagant as others, she should be well into the high to low 50 bucks if one finds her on a decent vendor. Anything more and I'd say it's a hard sell. Regardless, I'm happy with her and I'm glad to have an Isthtar statue right next to my Rin!

Until Next Time!

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