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Spoils of 2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

2020's final days don't exactly have a lot of 'love' for my collecting hobby. Well, at least towards my action figure collecting shenanigans, that is. Of course, there is a #Bishoujo in the background which I will review next year, some Frozen-related #DuDs, Elsa ornaments, clothing, and some other accessories that have no business being part of my reviews. I'll definitely do some reviews on my Frozen shirts if anything else. That Bishoujo will be on its way soon enough!

So as far as this Christmas season goes, I'd say it was as good as it can be. I can't complain and I am fortunate to still have these kinds of posts, with things to share, and with a Holiday season that was semi-normal as it can be. With that said, hope y'all are doing well out there.

Until Next Time!

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