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Square Enix: FFVII Goodies

It's been a busy week for Final Fantasy! Well, been a busy few since the beauty up above has actually been announced for some time. But I'm late to share so I might as well bundle her up with the rest of the goodies that came this week. With that said, here we go! Let's look at these goodies!

Now between the Sporty and Exotic, I'm leaning towards the Exotic Dress. Though with the price tag, I'm not sure if I am going to go for it. But we'll see where we are because I do love how this looks. I love this outfit and I do love how Tifa looks--I love how she looks period. Again, we're going to asses where we are at with finance before I commit to this.

Bring Arts: Classic Tifa Lockheart

Now as far as any other merch I'm gonna show in this post, this Bring Arts Tifa is something I'm that much ready to push the button. Now there are two things really holding me back: one, the price is kind of steep--something Bring Arts and Square Enix action figure products are gougers; two, I'm not big into articulated action figures anymore even if I make exceptions. And... okay, three.... I'm running out of room. Still though. I just might get her. I do enjoy her Remake look but her OG look definitely has a strong presence in my fandom.

Bring Arts: Classic Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith is an adorable and pretty little thing during FFVII R. I didn't really use her as much during the original game and on my many runs playing the OG game. I did manage to get her ultimate limit break a couple of times before her death. With that said, I do appreciate just how important she is and just how much she is loved by FFVII/fans due to the nature of her character and her death. This OG look definitely has nostalgia and heart. I probably won't get her though unless finances free up.

When I saw the Adorable Hearts, it gave me Mini Arts vibe and that made me happy. This new line could definitely lead to other FF charas. But when I find out the price point, it made me realize that I will most likely not be going for it unless they have someone like Terr and Rikku. But this Cloud Adorable Arts does look, well, adorable.

Well, that's the new lineups announced. Again, definitely interested in the Sexy Dress Tifa and the OG Tifa Bring Arts. Will definitely update when I cave in on what I get and when I get them. Will keep y'all posted!

Until Next Time!

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