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Terra Branford Theme

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I happened to take a few moments on Youtube to watch/listen to #TerraBranford's theme song, which if I do say so myself, is one of gaming's most memorable character theme song. Then again, Final Fantasy VI had some of the best OST and all the songs that were primarily for certain characters (Shadow's theme song, anyone?). So here are two of my top favorites from my search. And believe me, I chose the ones that added a bit more flavor to an already amazing song!

This cover by Josiah Everhart is an amazing remix to Terra's theme that adds his own (from my knowledge) lyrics. He doesn't over saturate the music with lyrics, but what he does add just capsulizes the feeling of Final Fantasy VI from Locke's (I believe) point of view. Feels like he is 'singing' to the two main leads... okay, Terra is the main lead while Celes is kind of on the top five candidates to be the second person. At any rate, Josiah does an amazing job with this and there are other Final Fantasy/JRPG covers he did on his channel. Check him out!

Final Fantasy VI got rereleased on PSX along side Chrono Trigger and FFV(I believe) in a bundle called "Final Fantasy Anthology". The FFVI got some amazing opening cut scene and some reworked musical pieces including Terra's.


Yep! Will always be a big time Terra/FFVI fan. I will probably find more amazing music later but for now, these are the ones that stood out.

Until Next Time!

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