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I don't talk about it much in this channel but, I (was) am a fan of Professional Wrestling. I was part of the #AttitudeEra, and honestly, was the best part of the business, honestly. I enjoyed the rise of Stone Cold, The Rock, DX, and that whole era full of lewdiness, violence, and the whole nine yards. So while I haven't really talked about it on this blog at all, I will say I am a fan. This might be a rare thing in Masterless.Me, but let me tell you, Pro Wrestling has an influence in my fandom.

Huge fan of Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Mr.A$$, Stone Cold, and The Undertaker. The last being the subject of this post. The Undertaker put his heart, soul, body, and life for the business. For 30 years. Not only did he entertain like no other, kept the majority of his kayfabe alive, but he was also reportedly one of the more positive individuals in the locker room--the wrestling business are full of politics and cliques but beyond it all, the Undertaker, Mark Calaway, was a stand-up push & pull guy. The kind of guy you want in your work environment.

He officially retired this year but he was given the proper goodbye this last Survivor Series. Well deserved. Truly amazing stuff.

Thank you, Undertaker. You are definitely one of the legends. Thank you.

Until Next Time!

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