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The Many Different Fate

I may not watch Anime as much as i did way back when but when I do, I let myself indulge in things like Fate. In some strange way it reminds me of Final Fantasy, at least in the way it usually 'establishes' itself with many different spin off and noncorrelating stories (Fate Zero/Fate Stay Night/UBW/Heaven's Feel is a different story). But even if This Fate is different from that Fate, it has the same elements, same classes, and same premise with the story just told in a different way. Holy Grail War, Mages summon Servants, all have different motives and they go at it. Akin to Final Fantasy with a main protagonist going against a larger bigger empire, meets different people, finds out that the story is bigger than just the evil empire.

Surprise, surprise! Out of all of them that I have watched, so far my favorite ones are Fate Zero and Fate Unlimited Blade Works--believe me, when Fate Heaven's Feel is available, I will be all over it! But something about the characters of Fate Zero-Fate Stay/UBW seems to resonate with most people. I'm willing to say that a lot of it has to do with Rin Tohsaka perhaps? I know she's the main reason I got attracted to the Fate series in general and just expanded after that. Or maybe the Saber, the Caster, etc of this wave was just better? The story more relatable? I don't know. It is definitely, at least from my experience, the most popular one out of all the other ones. It is also the oldest one that, I believe. The one with the most exposure. Regardless of what the reasons are, I definitely am with the notion that Shirou and Rin's adventures in the fifth grail war. Also, they have some pretty cool Servants. How can one ever forget the endearing and very convoluted Nameless Heroic Spirit Archer.

Then there's Fate Zero. The prequel to aforementioned Fate Stay Night/UBW/Heanve's Feel. Admittedly, the story arc felt more or less the same but with a main protagonist that is a bit more to my liking. I like Rin, yes, but Shirou I didn't really get acquitted and liked until UBW's route. Kirtisugu Emiya of Fate Zero on the other hand, man, this guy is just brutal and would do anything to win his wish from the Grail. Saber/Arturia, his servant, did not get along with this guy and the way he saw things. I don't think a lot of people would have seen things his way either, but hey, he is pretty badass. As far as the other characters, there are some pretty memorable ones. Young Rin is also in this one and we get to see the role her father hand in the grand scheme of things. It's kind of odd that Saber didn't mention anything about the events of the 4th Holy Grail War to Shirou in UBW. It's implied that she didn't take too kindly with her new Master in the 5th War was related (in some way or form) to Kiritsugu, but she served Shirou well and in the end, formed a deep bond with both Shirou and Rin. Regardless, Fate Zero had me hook from the beginning and the moment I saw Kiritsugu go ham against some of his opponents, I already knew that he's my guy!

Apocrypha is the next on the series that I started to get into and to be honest, it's hard. The story slightly deviated from the original Grail war. Instead of one set of the same classes, now there are two: Red and Black. Meaning, there is an Archer of Red and an Archer of Black. A Saber of Red, a Saber of Black, etc. There's also a Ruler Class and Jeanne D'Arc, the one that looks strikingly similar to Arturia, is probably the more interesting one for me. I like her design and what she might be capable of. There's Vlad, Frankenstein, Achilles.... all of course, put into anime looks and some even gender bent. Again, trying to get into the series. I'm pretty far into it and I want to see how much farther I can get to understand the whole thing.

Now Fate Extella I ended up binge watching. I took a break from Apocrypha and started watching Extella and I have to admit, it's really interesting It pulled me in. While I never liked Arturia or the other Sabers I have encountered all that much, Nero, this Saber who, again, a main gal that resembles Arturia, is actually quite interesting. She is arrogant, confident, but very positive and loyal. She's also pretty capable which is understandable as to why she has that much confidence. Rin is also in this with the same american voice actress, though her role is slightly different and it ties in with the confusing theme of Extella. Hard to explain, one just has to watch it.

And then there's Fate Grand Order that I just stumbled on today. There is an interesting servant, a new class and all me believes named Shielder. A cute gal in skimpy a rumor with a giant shield. Yes please! Definitely going to watch this.

Beyond all that, there are other branches of the Fate series that I am literally hoping they would make an anime on. Rin.... reborn as the Goddess Ishtar? Or vice versa? Or both? Whatever! Rin in a skimpy outfit! At any rate, that's it for that, for now. Probably will talk more! There are action figures in the horizon that I might have that are Fate related, there is Fate Apocrypha I am trying to finish, then there's a game that I might get! Who knows. In the man time, that's all I have, for now.

Until Next Time!

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