• Onyx

The Symphony of Dracula's Curse

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

It came and went: Castlevania season 2. After the VERY short but remarkably compelling Season 1 (of four episodes, mind you), we are blessed with the opportunity to get eight full episodes with season 2 and just like the first season, I binged watched the WHOLE thing in one sitting. What's the verdict? I loved it. It's not as action packed or fast paced as some people may think/want it to be but it has some emotional gripping moments that REALLY plays into the lore of Castlevania. But I am not here to do just another recap or review of season 2. A lot of people are already doing that. Instead, let me tell you the story of these characters and how they came to be with me.

The story all started with NES and this game. Well, it started with this game for me, the journey of exploring the halls of Dracula's Castle and vampire slaying, that is. I've had previous experience with side scrolling games before but this was my first treat to the Castlevania series and let me tell you, it was an experience. This was hard as nails for me back then and figuring out things on my own without any guide or anything like that was definitely rewarding. But what was really rewarding was meeting the OTHER playable characters that become the prominent figures in the Netflix series. This post is about going over some of my most memorable companions in my gaming life and a glimpse of their evolution through some (and more popular) appearances in the gaming world. Without further adieu.... here we go.

The Vampire Slayer

Trevor Belmont

Trevor in the NES days

We have, of course, Trevor Belmont. The Belmont of this particular game and the one who became the face of the Belmonts for the Netflix series. It is nothing short of an understatement if I say that he has come a long way from his original looks. Needless to say when I first saw him I just kind of settled with how he looked. Trevor looked the part of the vampire slayer of those times (at least with what limited knowledge I had back then) and he was more than capable even if he was hard to control. Didn't think I was going to want an updated look that would stick in the form of the Netflix series' Trevor Belmont. Also, he didn't really have much to go with during the NES days so I like what we got with the Netflix version of Castlevania.