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Toys-Era: Spider-Woman (NEWS!)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I hope this turns into a real thing, SOON!

Yes. This is real... well, according to the blog, ToyHaven, it is. Stumbling into this awesome news through Official_SpiderWoman Instagram, at first I thought it was a hoax; well, I don't have a lot of news about it, but it seems it's done by unlicensed company. When I have it in my hands, I'll be more than willing to say that it is real, and not just my fantasy.

Craziest thing about it is that it has that Hot Toy feel to it. Not sure what the price point will be, but I'm hoping it's not that high of a price. Though I have this feeling I'll cave in no matter the price... after all, it is Spider-Woman! Well, hope to get some more news soon!

Until Next Time!

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