• Onyx

2019: Looking Forward To

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Battle damaged, worn out, and a bit drained from the past year's challenges means temptation to just call it quits is higher than ever, however brush it all off! Get some enhancement and replacements if need be because this is 2019! Needless to say...


So with the new year right here and right now, what do we have to look forward to? PLENTY OF THINGS! Let's just briefly go over some of them (at least the ones that are in my crosshair).

Action Figures

Oh boy! This is going to be a big one! I do have THIS POST that refers to all the preorders I have from BigBadToyStore. Some of the figures still stand with the exception of two I took out of the preorder. Though they may jump back in the checkout cart depending on the reviews out there. Here are some that are in my thoughts of getting:

Still highly debating this one. If a Sombra action figures does come out with #Figma, I will most likely get her.

I saw this at my local Disneystore and passed up on it. I also passed up on the Venom... not sure if I will be getting Iron Man but I need a Mark 50 on my Hall of Armors collection. We'll see. Looks nice and it comes with a few decent accessories.

I'm trying to avoid getting as many Marvel Legends as I did in 2018. I won't be collecting waves for the sake of finishing a BAF but if the majority of the figures that make up a BAF appeal to me, like this Caliban wave, then I might as well finish it. Blink, Jubilee, Beast, Weapon X, and Gambit all look pretty good. I don't know