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2019: Looking Forward To

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Battle damaged, worn out, and a bit drained from the past year's challenges means temptation to just call it quits is higher than ever, however brush it all off! Get some enhancement and replacements if need be because this is 2019! Needless to say...


So with the new year right here and right now, what do we have to look forward to? PLENTY OF THINGS! Let's just briefly go over some of them (at least the ones that are in my crosshair).


Action Figures

Oh boy! This is going to be a big one! I do have THIS POST that refers to all the preorders I have from BigBadToyStore. Some of the figures still stand with the exception of two I took out of the preorder. Though they may jump back in the checkout cart depending on the reviews out there. Here are some that are in my thoughts of getting:

Still highly debating this one. If a Sombra action figures does come out with #Figma, I will most likely get her.

I saw this at my local Disneystore and passed up on it. I also passed up on the Venom... not sure if I will be getting Iron Man but I need a Mark 50 on my Hall of Armors collection. We'll see. Looks nice and it comes with a few decent accessories.

I'm trying to avoid getting as many Marvel Legends as I did in 2018. I won't be collecting waves for the sake of finishing a BAF but if the majority of the figures that make up a BAF appeal to me, like this Caliban wave, then I might as well finish it. Blink, Jubilee, Beast, Weapon X, and Gambit all look pretty good. I don't know who that skull guy is nor do I care much for Forge but five out of the seven seems logic. Also, Caliban doesn't look that bad either. Then there's Beta Ray Bill, Corvus Glaive, and Ebony Maw that just look good. If they all belong to a wave, that's going to be a hard choice to make to not get the said wave.



Obviously this department was not given as much love in 2018. That's okay. It might not change this year but there are some games in the horizon that really interests me. So here's just to name a few.

Kingdom Hearts III may be a bit late to jump into the story and the entire franchise but I'm going to do it because it has Elsa in it. Now, how MUCH Elsa is there, if she is playable at all is questionable. Regardless, I'm going to play this game for the sake of NOT letting it go.

That's right! Resident Evil 2 remake is in my crosshairs! I'm going to eventually play this game and I hope it's in 2019. Been some time since I got involved in a Resident Evil.

Need some crazy hack and slash in my life and Devil May Cry 5 is going to give it to me! DmC was the last Devil May Cry I got myself involved with and despite the controversy with that game, I loved it. But Devil May Cry 5 should appeal to hardcore Devil May Cry fans and myself.

Anthem may be what Bioware needs to save it from its fall. For me, the theme of armoring up and getting down and dirty against large monsters is something out of a comic book. Not to mention, one can customize said armor to fit one's need and style. Might have to check this out.

Granblue Fantasy Relink caught my attention the moment I saw the gameplay and I saw "Platinum Games". You know, Platinum games... the ones responsible for the wonderful gameplay of Bayonetta and Nier Automata? Not to mention this has a lot of JRPG feel to it and I'm in DIRE need of that right now.



There's a lot in the horizon in this department and I'm sure I'm going to be sharing them with delight. Whether it will fall under "DiD" or just plain wonderful art, we'll just have to see. Here are some commissioned artwork that are either already in the process and/or will be commissioned as soon as an artist (or funds) are found.

Yes, that's right. I DiD commission Songstress Yuna. Well, she was actually a Poll winner I threw in DA a while back so she'll be on her way sometime this year. Before my thing Rikku, I loved Yuna in all her main costumes and/or Dresspheres.

Like Rikku, Terra Branford gained her own "DiDressphere" commission theme. Terra may not have as many (and as wild) outfits as our favorite Al Bhed but she does have enough to warrant a stream of commissions. Got the Anthology outfit commissioned some time back and I'm hoping to get it sometime soon.

Need I say that Terra gets a lot of attention from me? She sure DiD get a ton of them in 2018, that's for sure. Well, more "DiDressphere" themed commission based on her Magitek Knight Alternate colors are on their way!

I have a big idea for this commission and I do hope that the artist gets around to it. Same artist that is doing the Terra Anthology commission. Busy guy but once he gets around to it, I'm sure both the Anthology Terra and this will come out amazing. Nothing like the bewitching Ice Maiden of the Final Fantasy world in some distressing situation.

This cute Khajiit (Ohmes-Raht), Ahkari, is on her way on getting a commission with my Dovahkiin OC, Onyx. Again, the artist is also quite tangled with real life stuff so this has been pending for some time. I'm patient and I understand that situations happen so I am more than willing to wait.

Love the scene so much that I have to get Kaitlin's Front Page another go with another artist that seems more than likely to finish it through. Already on the fast pace on finishing it so it might be my first posted commission picture of 2019.


Now there are "prospect" commissions that are already in my mind and have talked to some artists about. Again, just prospects that may or may not come to fruition this year.

I hate Rikku's look in KH but to support the DiDressphere project, I may conclude that wonderful project with my least favorite look for Rikku. It's already in the talks so it might just happen sooner than later.

This lovely image from just a few posts ago will get a 'sequel' with another Final Fantasy character. I have a poll running right now in my DeviantArt page and it looks like a familiar Final Fantasy gal is winning.

Hard to imagine it's been about five years since I started my Frozen Skyrim fanfic. And yes, still doing commissions for it. I may just do one this year, or two, depending. Along with that, I'm thinking of doing another Onyx commission by himself. But yes, I still want to do at least one grand Elsa and Onyx commission.

And as of right now, Terra has two more "outfits" that needs to be DiD'ed. She has a variation of her Magitek outfit that doesn't feature stockings and green hair; it's not a huge difference but it is there. Going to have to put that into DiD. Then of course there's her Esper form... the Esper form might take a different turn in terms of peril/restrains/gag just to signify the 'end' of the theme. Also, I'm at least doing one more commission of Terra in her Benevolent Maiden in the 'DiDressphere' theme; this time, I might just do all three alternate colors. We'll see. After doing all three colors of the Benevolent Maiden I might just stop commissioning Terra in that outfit. I love it so much that I keep DiD'ing it! Can't blame me, right? Seriously though, under my care, Terra isn't as much of a 'rare' DiD as much as she was before!

Not my favorite look for Elsa, but it has to be DiD'ed somehow. Follow the string? I have an idea as to who will draw it. Just a matter of getting it out there.

LAST, but not least is a VERY ambitious commission involving these four... or maybe switch out Serana for Terra (sorry Serana, love you and all but might make a separate commission for you). In this commission, going to have to hire a specific artist whom I have been watching for a LONG time and definitely fits the bill for a grand commission like this. Here's to hoping said artist will be available this year. But on that note, Serana to be added to my prospect then?

I have the artist's DA account. I have to find her so I can link her! This Fanart is awesome!

Yeah, why not! Serana in the prospect! Sure thing!


On a closing note, 2019 seems a bit ambitious (and expensive) with me seemingly really focusing on my commissions. I need to slow down on action figures that's for sure for plenty of reasons other than financial, but yes, it's about time I find a way to ease up on that. Not sure how this year will go with my Fandom, but I am confident that I will acquire/do a good portion of this--maybe a little more than half.

So, here's to 2019 and all its future glory. Get those new parts going and recharge the dead batteries! It's time for the new year!

Until Next Time!

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