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Art Share: Apriel O'Neil

You know, April O'Neil holds a special place to the #DiD community since, you know, she was one of the major spotlights when the DiD kink was a bit more underground compared to now. A snooping, headstrong, and often gullible reporter, she was the perfect piece for a Damsel in Distress. She was fuel for the fire back then and even now, she still provokes a lot of inferno when it comes to the DiD community. With that, I think she deserves a small spotlight on my blog, right?

While her personalities has changed over the years (and with all the variants of her), it's quite obvious that Saneperson took it upon himself to give Ms. O'Neil some kink, right?

She has a point though. If she's gonna be captured all the time she's gotta come prepared and she should know what's best for her body and skin.

Though how could she have not known that Shredder was not going to take kindly to every request she made? Also, hard to make requests when one is gagged.

This one's nice! There's actually a video that came along with this and the renderer does some amazing work! Definitely DiD April justice!

Oh look! Two snooping reporters gets a moment together! Least they are nice and comfy, right?

I spoke too damn soon, didn't I? Wonderful artwork was done by none other than the awesome Keely-Key! Paula Peril might be another one I need to give some attention to. Maybe.

Oh look! It's Loz! Back so soon! I keep forgetting that guy done a ton of artwork involving other famous/not-so-famous gals. April does look good under his care, right?

Lot's of tape. Good.

And I would say that a 'modern' long haired version of April would look something like the one Loz DiD to the right. Well, she's more of an OC that belongs to April6News but hey, it works!

Then of course, ThunkStudio joined the fray thanks to a #commission thrown his way. Always recognize this guy's style.

Oh, and BanagherLinks joined the fray to some time back. Awesome artist, for sure! Elisa Maza was the beauty from Gargoyles. She was the 180 of the typical damsel-in-distress character that we came to know. Luckily, she had some canon moments, very few, but some. What Elisa missed out on, the DiD community will provide. Nothing like putting her next to a classic like April, right?

I might have featured SuichiTanaka on my blog at some point; can't remember. But since it is April's moment, nice to know that they decided to do a nice sketch/lineart of her at one point! That's an interesting gag!

Speaking of interesting gag! Then there's SneakAttack1221 who has contributed in my gallery once thus far. Least some of her mmph'ing can echo through her the mic.

Frelncer has been on a roll with his sketches! I love the dynamic of this! Also, April seems to have fully embraced her situation, it seems. Casey, you lucky guy!

Now there's lewd and boobs, and just about almost everything within the #DiD preference in here (almost; not really) but let's end this art share with a classic DiD moment, shall we? Hugohugo did wonders with this one. Simple, to the point, and definitely April's character during the first run of TV Turtles; ya know, the one that riled up a lot of fantasies and preferences way back when.

No one should be shocked when I say that this doesn't even SCRATCH the surface of the myriad of DiD art of April. And this is just "ONE" version of April. There are a few more out there that probably get a lot of love too but I wanted to keep it simple. Maybe I'll make this a theme when it's "dry" season. Daphne? Empowered? Paula? You know?

Until Next Time!

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