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Art Share: Arlen's Crusade (Miho & Lathiira)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Here we are again with Arlen stumbling on two hotties that deserve all the R&R that they can get! Well, since Lathiira can't seem to get out of the Crusade, she joins again making her the honorary gal to have been on Arlen's list twice. At least this time she ain't mistaking her for another Blonde High Elf. And then we have a magical gal who definitely couldn't transform in time. That's okay though! Miho Tachibana makes the rope look good. Also, it pays homage to her usual coloring scheme. Another one of HoshinoBound's sexy OC (the deviant is also another contributor to the Crusade). Arlen Sirushi is not without her consideration for the gals' fashion, of course!

Playground too? Must be ensuring that the gals are feeling a sense of serenity while 'performing' their obligatory contribution to the Omniverse Crusade!

As always, FourPieces lends his talent to ensure that the show goes on! Thanks, sir! Do check out his gallery for more awesome stuff!

Until Next Time!

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