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Art Share: Chun Li (Loz)

Alright! This is going to be another artist highlight. This time around LostOneZero makes another appearance on my blog! I once #DiD a highlight of his Bulma DiDs and that was fun! Now it's time to focus on the World's Strongest Woman! A piece that Loz DiD is nothing short of great! Though one key difference between that and this post is that this is going to focus on Loz's single Chun Li piece from 2019. So keep that in mind. So let's take a look at the variants that he posted on #DeviantArt, shall we?

Ah, classic. OG Chun Li is all taped up and sitting comfy and sexy. Not a single complaint nor can I say anything else other than it is awesome. If this is the only variant he let out to the public, I'd say it's just fine.

Bare legs? I'm good with that! Not the biggest fan of OTN gags but considering what might/is stuffed inside her mouth, I'm good with it.

The 3rd variant is nice since OTM is a gag I don't mind. The socks she's wearing don't make sense Chun Li wears pantyhose, but I suppose? But the taunting hand of Juri is something that I dare not disregard since it has a whole new level of captive and captor interaction, you know?

Now that's a captive-to-captor interaction right there! Juri taunted Chun Li after stuffing her mouth with the Interpol Agent's well-used stockings. Or maybe she was ungagged and Juri is helping her by catching the soaked footwear? Maybe? PROBABLY not but hey, I'm all for this picture.

Now we get into the tickling variant. Yeah, need her gagged for this.

Blindfolds are not necessary for me, but I get it. Tape blindfold might be damaging the prize. The shoes is odd since it's her Alpha shoes mixed with the OG outfit so it's weird. what I will point out is the lipstick mark on her gag. That's enticing for sure.

There you go! Gagged and tickled! Also, I haven't pointed it out but I will now: Loz's variants also come with emotive eyes.

There's that lipstick on the white microfroam tape again! Gag kissing is always hot!

Another tickling variant. Bare legs and all. Chun Li looks like she's trying to hold her laughter, ain't she? Let it out, Chunners!

There we go! The chloroform variant! And look at that, another emoting variant of eyes! And I do look like Juri is teasing Chun Li with her feet--rubbing her toes through Chun Li's stocking-covered soles.

The mummified variant. I do like that and she's completely covered up. She ain't getting out of that, for sure.

Variant 12 introduces Juri's feet teasing Chun Li, forcing the Interpol Agent to look up while using her feet to hold Chunner's chin up. Really sensual, right? Chun Li doesn't look too happy having Juri's toes too close to her face.

This variant is weird. She's got the Alpha shoes with bare legs. Why? Not sure. Maybe it's more from her captor putting on her feet for the sake of humiliation.

The captor turned captive! Chun Li, at least, has company now! Even if Chun Li isn't very happy considering that this is Juri's fault, for sure. Now they're both defeeted, bound, gagged, and forced to be right next to each other.

I know. It's just a spam of variants, eh? Well, if anyone is subscribed or subscribed to Loz in the past, his pics come with variatns and one can actually download a version where they can make their own version. It's definitely something making it worth the subscription, that's for sure. I'm no longer on Loz's Patreon site, but if there's ever a character that is a MUST, I'll jump back on without regret. But do check out Loz's gallery for more awesome stuff!

Until Next Time!

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