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Art Share: Bulma (Loz)

Updated: May 1, 2021

Well, this is different, right? Well, okay a #DiD artwork is not rare in my page but the character is someone I haven't posted about at all. In fact, other than #POP (Picollo), I don't think I have mentioned Dragonball on this channel at all. But one can safely assume that Dragonball was part of my fandom and I do like me some Bulma, especially when she's having a moment--or for this case, moments.

And clearly this beautiful art is done by none other than the amazing LostOneZero. Been a fan of that legendary artist for some time now. He is definitely a solid member of the DiD community, for sure.

He definitely has a ton of variants on his Patreon page. I used to be subscribed to him and I'm thinking of getting in some time "soon". He's worth it.

And speaking of variant, here's two variants of classic Bulma in distress! Classic as in green haired Bulma! I always appreciate Loz's commitment to variant but this is definitely doing extra-the good kind of extra! Bulma always DiD love showing off those legs; now she has all the moment to do so. Chances are, we're going to get some more variants as well! Guess we'll just have to wait and see! But before we end this, let's blast into the past with some of Loz's older Bulma works, shall we?

Now this is glorious! All the best things shown!

And here's a MUCH older work from Loz. That's still good, but one can see his improvement through the years! Well, with that said, I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll see Bulma in Loz's hands; or the last time we'll see his work in my page. He does magic so be prepared for that!


Just added today (04/25/21)

I have a feeling I'll be editing this quite a few times because Loz comes with variants and he's giving Bulma quite a bit of attention. I mean, Bulma wore other clothes and had a multitude of hairtstyles throughout the Dragonball seasons!

Until Next Time!

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