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Funko POP: Zemo (Club Scene)

I honestly don't think Baron Zemo is at his full form just yet. He's one of Cap's biggest villains and we've only gotten him in Civil War and Falcon & Winter Soldier. His appearance in the latter, however, is one we'll remember far more fondly. And this is what this POP is all about. The meme moment of Baron Zemo. Leg's get to the review then, shall we?

Zemo's done a couple of things that make him look dangerous. Though, overall, he's been underutilized and I'm waiting for his 'moment'. Maybe in the new Captain America movie? Or maybe in Thunderbolts? Who knows. Also, this is another Collector Corp from my friend. Spoiling me to boot!

Yes, he is also a bobblehead.

No denying that this is just a normal humanoid POP with fairly 'normal' looking clothes. Nothing grand or anything extreme. And even the pose itself--if one isn't aware of the club moment and that meme, it would be very easy to pass this off as just some awkward posture. Saying all that, I think Zemo has value because Funko did a good enough job with the detailing and sculpting. The pose, while not 100% accurate, is a bit more entertaining and added value because of the meme. I think in this department, POP Zemo is just fine.

Yes, that is the meme. It was so random that I had to laugh at it.

The coloring is simple. It has a few missed spots and it is glaring obvious on Zemo's hair. All in all, though, it's not terrible. Also a good enough effort.

Two of the biggest villains Captain America has and they're all doing crazy shenanigans. Then again, POP: Red Skull (Marvel Zombies) is a favorite of mine from this set my friend gave me.

It's a fun little POP. One has to get the meme to understand and fully appreciate it. All in all, I appreciate this POP and it's definitely a worthy addition. Is it for everyone? That I can't say but it's an easy win for those who enjoyed the Disney+ show and had a kick with the meme.

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