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Kaitlin's Front Page: Fox Syndication Promo

Why they put JB's face in there and not Kaitlin's is beyond me. Guess that video uploader didn't have the same 'attention to detail' eh?

I have been looking for this preview for a bit now. I had it in my head that there was a special cut that didn't make it to the episode and they used it for the episode promotion. To my dismay, that wasn't the case. Oh well.

There are some key points to take from this preview:

  • Grimlord set a trap for Kaitlin

  • "Hook line and sinker"

  • Kaitlin is tied to a bomb.

  • The important question: "Can Ryan and JB save Kaitlin?

Not much to say about this preview. I was really hoping to get an unused cut when they were promoting this episode but no luck. Oh well. I'll continue to highlight this episode with every morsel of it I can get!

Until Next Time!

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