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Funko POP: Picollo (The Raditz Fight)

Picollo is one of my favorite characters from DBZ and I always wanted some #POPs from that franchise. Well, this is the first! Let's get right into the review then!

Picollo usually wears a cape (an awesome one, at that) and a hat. According to DBZ lore, they are weighted clothing--something that has some training purpose. Alas, Piccolo is not wearing them in this POP since this is a 'moment' within the first season of Dragon Ball Z. For anyone who is a fan or just has enough exposure to the anime, and/or has seen enough memes, one is aware of the time it takes to power up. Piccolo, although not infamous for standing there and changing his hair from black to blonde, had his (in)famous moment of charging his Makankosappo, or for the Americans, Special Beam Cannon. This is that famous moment where he threw it for the first time after suffering a beating from Goku's brother, Raditz. Might have taken one or two episodes to charge it up and when he finally threw it, he missed. He only had enough for a second one and I believe this is that moment. Awesome stuff!

No one else in this set interests me but I will eventually get another version of Piccolo with his full outfit on. Also, I do want a teen Gohan and Vegeta.

It's a darn shame that Piccolo, these days, is almost on the brink of being shuffled in the background. I've always liked his stoic and antihero persona. One of his best moments was when he sacrificed himself to save Gohan--Gohan, the son of his former adversary, Goku. I also liked his unique look and apart from the green-eyed and blonde-haired crew of Super Saiya-jins. Well, all the unique green, the antennas, and that simple but striking outfit do translate well to POP form and Funko made sure of it. I also like the way that his skin texturing, the pink muscles, or whatever they're called, translates well. Since this is depicting his fight with Goku against Raditz, his left arm is torn off and they detailed it with his skin and bone well enough. I terribly like this figure even if it's very simple and it leaves me to crave another Picollo POP.

The pose, is of course, based on his stance when throwing the Makankosappo so it's more than fitting for this Namek. I would like a POP pose where he is in 'charging' mode and some special effects.

Would be nice, right? Though would be hard for a POP since the anatomy is so stylized. Still, I would love it.

Now the color is pretty darn good. Picollo doesn't have the most complicated color scheme but his simplicity with a genius that I can't help but admire. Especially when his cape and hat are on, the usage of a strikingly dominant color within a contrastingly dark color scheme. POP definitely delivered here.

Not much to say other than it's a well-done POP. I am more done confident that my next Picollo POP will also deliver and I am now even more excited to get other DBZ POPs. Thanks, Funko! For any Dragonball fans, I definitely do recommend this guy! It's a classic moment with a very classic Dragonball character.

Until Next Time!

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