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Art Share: LoZ & Lady D

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Well, I #DiD say that this was going to continue when I had the Lady D(iD) post some time back. Well, here is LoZ's work on the wonderful 9ft tall Lady from RE8.

Let's start with this one. She looks absolutely adorable! And mad. And looks like she's about to get out. Also, it's pretty obvious... just click on the picture to get the original picture source.

And she would definitely be LOUD. Best you shush her up with a good gag, eh?

And, of course, Lady D and her daughters all bundled up together! Very nice. According to Loz's description, he has other variants with OTHER guest characters. Claire? Ada? Jill? Yeah, the possibility is endless. But one day I'll get back to supporting Loz on his Patreon. In the mean time, I'll enjoy the free stuff he shares!


YEP! Jill Valentine!

And Ada!

Until Next Time!

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