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Art Share: Slave Elsa (3D)

You know, I really need to get into these. 3D printing is becoming more common and pretty soon custom action figures/statues can be accessible for anyone. But for now, leet me just gawk at Messias_Scrap's fantastic 3D modeling skills and his enticing take on Elsa wearing Leia's slave outfit!

Out of all the pose, the one above is probably my favorite. She's into it, but still giving some kind of defiant--even if her little smirk is betraying her actions.

This is potentially what it could like if colored. I swear, if i could paint I would have pulled the trigger on this one. Shame I can't. It just looks so good.

Lotos provocative things can come out of this one. Alas, I am very tempted to search for sellers who do both the printing AND the painting. I really want something like this--unique and something I can truly say is rare. I mean, they already made it for Rikku and Terra (characters who rarely get products; also Jessica Drew also had a 3D model as well). Would be nice to have them for sure.

Until Next Time!

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