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Art Share: Spider-Woman's Chair Time (RedPulp)

I just recently ran into RedPulp and I'm very glad I did because, well, he gives homage to one of my #Victorious_Vixen's duress--Jessica Drew to be exact! How many times can you pay homage to Jess's chair time? Not enough! But mind you, I'm biased, ut fear not! This comes with a kinky twist.

The commentary session that puts Jessica Drew AFTER the moment with an interviewer recording Ms. Drew's thoughts about it.... GOLD.

I mean, there's no reason to have her powers fail her, right? A Supergal can be bound and gagged without reason--well the reason is obvious of course. But RedPulp had other things in mind, of course.

Gwen and Black Cat are a good addition. But keeping Jessica in front and center is always nice! She deserves it! Thanks, RedPulp for this! It's amazing! Always appreciate the homage! Please, everyone else check out his channel!

Until Next Time!

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