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Art Share: Spider-Woman Stuff

Fantastic take on Peter Parker's classic cover!

So it's that time again! Time to start sharing some fantastic artwork of one of my main Victorious Vixens, The First and The Best Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew! Ever since she got her ongoing series, she's been getting a ton of good cover art! So much that I am behind in catching up to these things! I'm all the more happy for it too! Jess deserves the love and I'm finally glad that the art work support are pouring in! So to touch base on the art above, yeah, it's classic homage to Peter Parker for sure. The one on the left is simple Spider-Woman stuff but I love it because it reminds me of the first time I 'met' her--through her (in)famous cartoon series from way back when. I'll always have that series close to heart. It's also in #Disney_Plus these days. Might have to binge it for nostalgia's sake!

Oh this one's good! I love this artist and it's a classic 'rivalry' that echoes back from Jessica Drew's earlier days. To be honest, against Morgan, she's a bit outclassed. Might lead to more 'moments'.

Speaking of moments, I always adore Ghost-Spider even if she isn't THE Spider-Woman. Having the two of them together is always a nice picture especially when the artist is top notch! I do hope to see more of them both in mainstream movies (Spiderverse) and in comics. Would be fitting if Jess takes Gwen under her wings, ya know? Now Jess vs Jugs? Yeah, he's not one to take prisoners so this might be a hard pill to swallow. He gives the X-Men and the Avengers a run for their money so Spider-Woman would just tickle his fancy so to speak. Though she would give him a hard time too considering that Spidey does; Jessica and Peter are very similar in power levels and capabilities--I think Jessica just doesn't do a lot of nonsense compared to Spider-Man. But, yeah! That pic alone does show a level of "Spider-Woman in trouble". Great art though!

Oh and then these two! Definitely hotties of the Marvel Universe! I don't think these two have ever really been in the same team (or in the same panel?), which is kind of odd considering, but hey! Being in the same cover art is something else! Drawn really well too! I think these two need a moment together!

And what's a good homage without a good parody of one of Jess's famous pose/cover? I do love this take on it! I love how Rocket definitely mimics Spider-Woman's 1st issue pose and then there's her face on the side having a "WTF" moment! It's glorious!


Telikor is not a stranger in my blog so whenever an art share of Spider-Woman comes around, chances are she's part of it! The pic above is actually something she has shown in her Patreon before. Clearly, I won't be sharing any of those unless she shares them on the public sites first! But yeah, her page is a lot of fun because of her PROJECT.

And Frelncr is also a very familiar fellow in my blog who supplies with some pretty amazing #DiD stuff; lo and behold, he decided to grace us with some Jessica Drew goody.

So, yeah! Lots of good stuff and most definitely more coming. As we get closer to the age where Jessica Drew might go mainstream, the art work of her, both DiD and NON-DiD will definitely grow. I, for one, can proudly say that I have been with Ms. Drew through the worse and the best! Excited to see the future for her!

Until Next Time!

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