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Art Share: Super ($exy) Heroines

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Sometimes, we need a few sexy Superheroines! Let me start then with a piece of art that features one of my #Victorious_Vixens, Spider-Woman. Clearly, Didi made wonders with Jessica Drew with the pic above. Spider-Woman is my favorite Superheroine and she is the sexiest of them all; the artwork above just proves that. What a way to start this post then. Let's get to the others then!

The artist, Krysdecker, decided to go a different route with a sexy Wonder Woman fanart. Drawing Diana during her 'younger' days, it's no wonder he went that route! It's a Gal Gadot inspired but still the artist's own style, it's a sexy and much-appreciated addition to an already bountiful gallery of Wonder Woman fanart.

Dandonfuga is no stranger to my page. She won't be a stranger to this post either. The pic of Betsy above is both sexy and just downright savage. Thicc-ness and with a face that could kill! Perfect. Just perfect!

My favorite look for Supergirl is always going to be Jim Lee's version. That cheerleader look has no business for a girl that flies around. Doesn't matter to me though (or to a lot of fans). She's sexy. Neo thinks so! The most recent art in this post.

The pic above should be in one of my #DiD posts, but since it's a bit more of a non-consensual loving between She-Venom and Spider-Gwen rather than some good ole fashioned bondage. The artist is far from being a noob with such wonderful art like the one above.

Okay. Seriously. Dandonfuga keeps doing it. Harley never looked better. Don't you think so? Just steamy stuff!

Emma Frost is not one of my top tier gals. And while she does wear a ton of revealing outfits, her Phoenix Force attire is probably one of her sexiest. Alex thought so. She's a bit more conservative now for reasons, but hey, at least we have this outfit to go back to!

Okay, that's about it for now. Just wanted to share some fantastic fanart of some of the hottest babes of the comic book world.

Until Next Time!

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