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Art Share: Tangled Rapunzel

While November-December is usually Elsa's month, an artwork from SanePerson above really sidetracked me and hey, that's okay! Rapunzel is a cutie and before Frozen came into play, I was really into Tangled and so a few good art/DiD or not, of Punzy is something I don't mind. BUT, this is my page so #DiD is definitely going to be a theme. Well, diving right in!

SanePerson is going to be a common theme in this post so get used to it. Also, his newest artwork/s of her is rather enticing.

Adding variants is also quite a welcome thing. Rapunzel has a beautiful voice but it sounds better while her mouth is gagged!

Hair bondage with Rapunzel is also a common theme. And barefeet. Because, you know... she was barefoot throughout the movie.

I think this is one of the first artwork of Saneperson that I saw. Rather nice still and stood the test of time.

And, of course! What's a Disney post without my #V_V proud member, Elsa. And she's got her sister and Punzy in the mix!

Hair-tied? Hogtied? Also OTM hair gag too. Common theme.

That's a lot of hair! And very useful golden locks too!

I do love this art by Ninja. His art has a certain flair that just.... yeah! Also that braided hair-crotchrope!

There's also a gorgeous animated version! 3D art of Punzy is rare outside the canonical moment (more on that), but there are good ones out there. Maledecten definitely made some of the better ones.

And with her hair braided up and she's not tied up with her hair? Yep.

A bit more bdsm'ing with a pump gag. I do like. And she's not crazy--she just looks good in bondage, that's all.

One should really check out Zulu's page! Got more on their gallery but I just chose this one because if I was Flynn, this is what I would have done.

This is definitely different from Wossa's usual. I like it thought because it touches on the Tangled Series' style (one that I haven't watched and I'm not sure I want to). Also, Arendelle conquest? Hmmm.

No gag. I know. Mother doesn't know best apparently! Still a nice pic.

Barefeet. Getting tickled. Rapunzel checks a lot of Kusujinn's/Kidetic's boxes.

Begging to be tickled, eh?

This is a cute pic for sure! Again, a LOT of hair!

Now let me rephrase that Rapunzel has had a canonical DiD moment in the big screen. A decent on too! One recreated in canonical comic books, video games....

Coloring books? Yes.

Also... she's tangled herself up in her own hair at least two times in the movie.

And a quick collage of Rapunzel's moment in Tangled. This was a fantastic moment, mind you. Would have loved a stuffing inside the gag and ropes, but hey! I'm down for this and I'm sure this sparked more than a few kinks.

Soo, yes. Sidetracking a bit with Rapunzel and that's okay. With all the commissions coming, the talk of Endwalker, and the Holidays, it's nice to take a quick break from the norm of this season. With that said, that's going to be it for this post!

Until Next Time!

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