• Onyx

Art Share: Tangled Rapunzel

While November-December is usually Elsa's month, an artwork from SanePerson above really sidetracked me and hey, that's okay! Rapunzel is a cutie and before Frozen came into play, I was really into Tangled and so a few good art/DiD or not, of Punzy is something I don't mind. BUT, this is my page so #DiD is definitely going to be a theme. Well, diving right in!

SanePerson is going to be a common theme in this post so get used to it. Also, his newest artwork/s of her is rather enticing.

Adding variants is also quite a welcome thing. Rapunzel has a beautiful voice but it sounds better while her mouth is gagged!

Hair bondage with Rapunzel is also a common theme. And barefeet. Because, you know... she was barefoot throughout the movie.

I think this is one of the first artwork of Saneperson that I saw. Rather nice still and stood the test of time.

And, of course! What's a Disney post without my #V_V proud member, Elsa. And she's got her sister and Punzy in the mix!