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Art Share: Telikor (Return of Hangman)

If I haven't mentioned it (BEFORE), Telikor is one avid fan of the First & the Best Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. So much of a fan that she has dedicated her Patreon in the pursuit to rekindle an old and STILL FERVENTLY burning flame... The Hangman and Jessica's unfinished business. I am a very for this endeavor and I will continue to support Telikor!

As Telikor continues to let some of her exclusive work out to the public, I'm going to share them. As an avid Spider-Woman fan myself, this is just a dream come true. Issue #6 back from 1978 #DiD wonders and I'm glad someone else in the community believes so as well. There is passion in her work. There is talent and there is definitely knowledge and care for the character. Seriously, go check out her DeviantArt and support her work. It's worth it.

Until Next Time!

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