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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Canon Comics II

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It's that time of the week again! And this time, we are going to delve into canonical #DiD moments for some of our favorite Heroines! As last time, I'll be adding in two Marvel DiDs and two DC DiDs and to end it, we'll have our very special guest. With that said, let's dig in!

"Doom War #2"

Ah yes. The time when T'challa and Ororo were married. We are reminded that T'challa has to make hard choices. We are also reminded that Dr. Doom can be an absolute beast. We are also, regretfully reminded that Storm barely has any DiDs throughout her long and illustrious X-(wo)Men career. Shame. But this one... this puts a smile on my face.

Marvel Knights: Elektra #12

Now here's another goodie that not only gives us a fantastic cover with a very distressed Elektra, but inside, there's actually a pretty accurate depiction of panels in relation to the cover. That's rare. Also, Elektra may not be on my top Marvel gal but she is there. And she deserves some moment. Dressed in that outfit... mirroring Psylocke and all, yeah she deserves a spot. No gag, but that's okay. It's pretty darn good. Also, she doesn't technically get out of on her own accord. She was 'released' to suffer. Honestly, DiD'ed is enough agony for someone like Elektra but who am I, right?

Wonder Woman V1 010 (Golden Age)

It would be VERY hard not to go through this kind of #Tied_Up_Tuesday without putting Wonder Woman in here. While her golden years were far more fruitful for DiD'ing around, we can't ignore that the fact that over the decades, Diana got her own moments--comics, video games, tv shows, animated and not (Gadot, you gotta keep the tradition). But golden age was just that. GOLDEN. Wonder Woman was tied up A LOT. At least twice an issue. Very rarely no gag but there were some good ones. Like the one above. Magic Lasso, we love you.

Bod Doubles 02

Black Canary is also another world class DC DiD! I mean, her powers comes from her YELLING at you. How do you prevent a blonde bombshell from yelling at you? You GAG her. How do you prevent her from taking the gag off? You tie her hands. Yes. Dinah has had plenty of moments and it's hard to pick just one but that one above is just freakin classic.

With that said, that concludes this week's Tied Up Tuesday! Let's leave these ladies to their moments and also, let's give Emp the respect she deserves, shall we? Let's see what we'll dive into next Tuesday!

Until Next Time!

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