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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (13)"

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Man, is this Tuesday going to be saucy or what? Well, it's that time of the week so let's find out how saucy, eh? Let's get into it then!

Well, we know OrangeBoy is a hitter in my gallery when it comes to all the #commisions and saucy artwork I have had him do. And he also works well with other commissioners since this one above is a hitter. I know, a bit saucier than my usual, but had to add it. You'll have to see his Patreon to get the full-on spice.

I would want to work with Harrisillust one day. They make some pretty amazing stuff and the artwork/s above shows just that. The commissioner also DiD a fantastic job with paying and molding this comm!

Well, that's about it for Tuesday this week. I don't have a lot of grand things to say and honestly, I think the artworks speak for me! Please check out the artists and the commissioner's (if applicable) gallery and the such! See ya next Tuesday!

Until Next Time!

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