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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Canon Comics III

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Alright! Another week where I can share some lovely #DiD moments! This time around, we are going to go back to canonical moments where our lovely heroines are having a massage from hemp and nylon! Let's get into it, shall we?

Daredevil Vol.1 #207

Moon Knight must be turned on!

Now this is a good one of Black Widow! Using her as bait for Daredevil, Hydra mummified her and injected her with poison that would keep her alive but paralyze her vocal cords--Daredevil can hear 'mmmphh'ings'. This was the time when we were allowed to bound and gag Widow and use her as bait. Great stuff.

Now this was one of the first time I really started getting into Black Cat--for obvious reasons. I wasn't even aware of her existence until I started backtracking Spider-Man's early days. And while I was first interested in Spidey's first run with his Black Costume, seeing this little comic book really DiD tickle the fancy. Sure the peril is worked and there are plenty left to be desired, but hey! It's good for what it is and it's canon! So I'll take it! Answer definitely didn't mind either! His only real claim to fame in my books. What a lame villain.

Zatanna #1 2010

And so we move to the DC side. And they have plenty and Zatanna is one of their DiD heroines. Her powers depended on her pronouncing words backward in order to perform spells. So naturally, villains would definitely take it upon themselves to gag the hottie. And the pic above isn't even the best DiD moment Zatanna accrued. I might just do a compilation some day, but I picked this one for the sake of simplicity. Bound, gagged, and in peril... it's still a nice moment--even if it's one page and even if it is a thought/day dream. But just one page and a thought definitely summarizes Zatanna and her time as a DiD.

Detective Comics #1055

Chase Meridian. Originally created for the film, Batman Forever, she graced the comics eventually and became one of the Batman's supporting characters. Clearly she was played by the beautiful Nicole Kidman for the film and had a wonderful moment for us to enjoy. In the comics... looks like she's doing the same thing here and there. Awesome.

As a side treat, here are some screenshots of Chase and .... the Ice Princess from Batman Forever and Batman Returns respectively. Also, the comic book representation of the movies. Definitely well drawn and well represented! Thank you to HeroinesinDistress for this!

And, of course. Gotta end it with Emp! What a lovely scene! Imagine this was just the beginning for her! Wax job!

So, that's it for this week. Not much else to say but have a safe week!

Until Next Time!

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