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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (16)"

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Well, let's get to this Tuesday. Last week I missed it because of work but this week, I can post one. Now, there's no theme for this one... well, maybe it's blondes in ropes, right? Okay well, let's get on.

I didn't watch Dragonball like I did DBZ. I know there's a lot the original Dragonball has to offer but I just didn't get around it. But there were good #DiD scenes. And if not, there were some hotties to DiD-around with, and this gal, Brunch was one of them. DHxxHL is definitely got the flare to draw DiDs!

Maria Renard. Castlevania Symphony of the Night hottie! She was the eye candy and she is definitely deserving a moment. FiftyShadeofGag added a moment and I love the vibe of it. It's got that Saturday morning cartoon rope work but that expression is gold!

Well, nothing entirely themed but it's got some love to this Tuesday. With two obscure hotties, definitely, a fine theme even if I didn't mean to this time around.

Until Next Time!

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