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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (35)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Leading us on to the New Year with a bang then! I have no specific theme or this #Tied_Up_Tuesday other than trying to kind of round out what this new (somewhat) weekly post will carry over to 2023. With that said, let's go on to the post, shall we?

Well, ain't this spicy? I feel that Chloe from Uncharted really doesn't get enough attention and unfortunately. Perhaps for the new year then? I can't promise I'll be giving her all the attention (if any) of the world, but I do believe that I have noticed her more now. Also, that red ball gag is a chef's kiss moment for sure!

This lovely comic series that Kusujinn has going on definitely has a great wind-up. While technically this isn't the first time we see a #DiD pic with this comic, it is the first time it truly is this grand in my opinion. These twins are hot! Deserves the moment for sure! Here's to hoping for more next year!

Fire Emblem is another property filled with hotties and I have yet to touch base on them--and truly, Arlen needs to take a visit for her Crusade, right? Maybe. But all I can really say is that the commissioner did absolute magic with this along with the artist. Collaborations like this always make me smile!

Big capable Lady versus tiny and Damsel in Distress young woman is alwayys a good mix in my book!

Double #DiD is always nicer than a single Damsel having to worry about the ropes! And man does Lady D need a lot to contain her!

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is just right around the corner, right? Well, why not celebrate the possibilities of some amazing #DiD moments... Capcom, don't fail us! LoZ can't carry the weight all by himself now! Well, we know Lady D ain't making an appearance, but Ada and Ashely need to have their canonical DiD happen!

Well, that concludes 2022's Tied Up Tuesday series! It has been a wonderful addition to my blog to at least guarantee some kind of goodness when I might hight that dry spell. All in all, looking forward to what 2023 has to offer! Best believe I will try to be as active with the DiD community as possible! Happy New Year then! Be safe and keep the rigging tight!

Until Next Time!

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