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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (37)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Skipped a week. That's okay! We got a good one! For the first month of 2023, let's get into some #DiD goodness, shall we? And this week, there is no theme. Just a bunch of good art and some gals in some Distress. Let's go for it!

Here we are with JustSomeGuy getting featured once again! Yor was a popular gal from 2022 and perhaps many-a-men's waifu for the past year. With that much popularity, the Milf/Thorn-Princess definitely deserves her time in the spotlight. Also, she looks damn good in it. Here's to hoping that the ropes hold her!

Yep! Jessie Raspberry has a spotlight on her after her fantastic thirstyness during the FFVII Remake. Dare we forget that Jessie was also into showbiz at one point before joining Avalanche? Crazy huh.

Well, maybe this particular situation got her to push for being part of Avalanche. After all, she did get into some serious shenanigans that maybe she realized that she needed to change her career path.

The Strip Game thing on Twitter is definitely a thing. I do adore it but for someone like me, you know I get more riled up when #DiD get involved. Well, here we have Gogo Yubari who is definitely an under-appreciated hottie who may deserve more DiD moments than she has been given. I do adore Kusujinn with how enamored he is with a certain types of gals (Asian hotties, mind you)! With that said, this stripping game by one of the well-known DiD artists doesn't end with a strip, clearly so let's get into the best part of this strip challenge!

Well, that strip challenge went to the right places, for sure! Gogo is also a dangerous one so I suggest making more of an effort of really tying her up. Least she's gagged with her own sock, right?

I actually own and played DiDnapper 2 and it wasn't bad. Definitely was what it was and I terribly enjoyed it. While I definitely adored Aden quite a bit, Kaie definitely deserves her moments of glory. Issa for sure DiD her justice with this amazing artwork!

Well, so far that's it for now. Will see what next week will bring, right? Til then, do take care of yourselves and enjoy!

Until Next Time!

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