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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (39)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Here we go! February's first #Tied_Up_Tuesday from this nifty little corner of the web! I am definitely going to be sharing some saucy things this week so do enjoy it! As always, do click on the pictures and get linked to the original artists' amazing galleries! With all that said, let's get in, shall we?

This artist is another hitter for my weekly shenanigan! It gets a bit more spicy than most things that make it to my blog--but mind you, it is worth it. An amazing piece, that is for sure! The kidnapping scene, the travel, and, of course, the intimate moment... or torture. But let us definitely make it 'nicer'.

Well now! Here we are! Marin Kitagawa back on the main screen on my blog! I do like Magnolia's take--making her older and out of High school. Good for it! She's better for moments like this when she's of age. Sure y'all would agree. Also, this situation is something that Marin would definitely fall for. Speaking of, need to check on season two. Hoping for it.

Now to be sexy in the world of fandom, one does not have to necessarily show off the most skin among the batch. Makima from from Chainsaw Man has caught many attention. Helps that she's got chains as part of her signature tools. Good for it!

I've advertised Llyth's artwork so much that one would think I am obsessed with her art. I AM. Someone sue me. When she collaborates with other commissioners with their OCs, well, we get some pretty saucy things! Shame I can't link the owner of the OC since the commission is an anonymous--but still. Do Check out Llyth's fantastic gallery as always.

Well, that's it for the first #TuT of February! Next week should be more intimate since it is the week of love.... we'll see what we got.

Until Next Time!

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