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Art Share: "Tied up Tuesday" / Telikor I

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Yeah, we're going toward Telikor's route! This Tuesday, we're just gonna check out Telk's work because...why not. Be warned, it's got plenty of Jessica Drew which is never a bad thing. So without further adieu, let's get on with this week!

That's right! Telikor's back! Brand new art from the legend herself! Lady Octopus being the captor for both Spider-Women? Yeah, why not! And Ms. Drew is the spotlight! Which is always nice! Telk's got a style and it is compatible with her love for Jessica Drew.

There's nothing more to say about this. I love this and you all do too. Moving on.

Another hottie that Telikor gives attention to is Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. The idea this time is a 'cover switch'. Felicia more than adequately fills in for Catwoman; and one has to also admire Hobgoblin's willingness to step up to the plate to fill the infamous shoes of The Joker!

Speaking of Selina Kyle! Another goody from Telk has a couple of variants that fit someone's needs. Yes, a DC gal in an oddly Marvel-dominated scene, right?

Well, short and sweet. That's pretty much it for this Tuesday. Just do check out Telikor's gallery for more awesome stuff!

Until Next Time!

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