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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (48)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Commission: Deedlit & Pirotess

Tied Up Tuesday again! I lied! I don't have a very good theme this week either other than... well, #DiD! Guess for #TuT, that's all that matters, right? So let's get on and enjoy this amalgamation of all kinds of hotties from the #omniverse!

SUCH DEVASTATION! Yep. Willing to bet she's a WoL? They just can't keep themselves out of trouble can they? This is darn good show though. The lack of gag is something I don't focus on. ReverseTension does magic for sure.

It looks innocent, but it's probably one of the kinkiest moments on a Disney big budge--well, if you are a DiD fan, of course. Give her lingerie and it's even less implied.

Annnddd I do enjoy LoZ even after all this time. Still does awesome work and the variant gimmick is mostly an appealing addition to his already amazing art. More DiD with Tifa and Aerith? I'm down!

Gal's doing over time! IronLawBringer definitely brings in more work with another good piece of work!

Girlstrapped is back! They've been gone for a few months but they come back with a vengeance! This lovely #N7 DiDs all strapped up and ready for Shepard's joy. Missing a few faces like Tali (well, always miss her face), Kasumi, and Jack (yes, Jack!). But still a good piece and an amazing return for the Deviant!

My fellow Deviant, Lathiira DiD it again with a collaboration with BoundArtist! They always have awesome collaboration! Those Marvel Bound series are never failing to impress!

And a unique and distressing situation for Ms. Harleen Quinzel here! Not a lot of ropes but effective and McBound definitely knows their craft!

BigDamnVillain is the one to thank for the screen caps. Let's end this week with an 'official' DiD moment, courtesy of Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk! Shackled and not 'too' restricting and probably no gag. BUT, we can take it.

Well, that's about it for this week!

Until Next Time!

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