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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" Final Fantasy Gals I

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

It's been 2 weeks, I know. Been a busy few, but considering that FFXVI just came out, it's fitting that we make this week's #TuT based on Final Fantasy damsels! Definitely got plenty of artwork of the gals so this should be fun (also don't remember if some of these are going to be reposts). Since it's the celebration of the 16th installment, here are sixteen amazing #DiD artworks from various artists from the DiD community. Enjoy!

This one is comm'ed by Shadow. Yeah, Lightning is his gal and he makes sure she's taken care of!

Rinoa is often unloved. I know why. But at least Iorel let it be known that she's still worth a look!

I'm sure I've posted this before. Definitely, one way to ground a Dragoon!

I know... "Aeris". She's canonically Aerith now and this DiD set up is just fun!

Lunafreya is another underappreciated gal. Then again, she looks better in bondage and is easier to appreciate in such a scenario.

Are the elemental Crystals binding the Mistress of the Void? I'm all for it! Definitely a unique bondage gimmick! And while I prefer the 'humanoid' version of her, I can still appreciate Cloud of Darkness regardless.

A princess that is forced into such a situation. That's definitely humiliating, eh? Still, it's good for us!

Another render that I'm sure I have shared before. Y'shtola definitely s in need of some R&R and look, she is asking for her feet to be tickled!

I'm not the biggest fan of FFIX and the characters don't do much for me. Garnet could have had a redeeming moment had she had a DiD moment--that 'pretend to kidnap' would have been perfect, but alas, she was boring. Well, this comic DiD some wonders, eh? I'd say it's an improvement!

Commissioned by FourPieces, the guy definitely worked with Saito to produce a fantastic DiD art of my top two favorite FF gals and the under appreciated Iris! I really can't complain, can I?

I know I shared this one before. One can't help me from resharing it since Shio DiD a fantastic job in putting our favorite Vierra in bondage!

Jessie definitely got her popularity boosted since her FFVII R debut. I'm happy for it.

Paine needed to air out a bit. This is the perfect way to do it, for sure! And also a tight rag over her nose!

I'm not going to say that this is the most complex render or position. It's definitely enticing but what really gets things going is a tethered Iris with a giant gag. She never gets the proper spotlight as she should.

A game over YRP should always lead to the gals bound and gagged. Also, Yuna's buffing with her songstress did not do any good other than ensure she gets silenced.

When Iorel rendered My Commission, I was really happy. This was for sure one way to really keep the synergy going! And the green ball gag and the metallic purple ropes make their jump into the render realm! Awesome!

Again, just featuring Sixteen beautiful artwork revolving around some fine damsels from the Final Fantasy series. There are plenty and I know I have my favorites, but one thing can be certain, the gals always look good getting some DiD time! So, all y'all enjoy this and if you are delving into FFXVI, do enjoy and love the game for its own merit and as a Final Fantasy game!

Until Next Time!

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